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I’ve had the worst day of my life
Cause you’re the worst thing
That a man should have to take.
Why should I even try?
What happened to the promise that we made?

it’s been a while, guys.
i got a haircut yesterday, so i figured i’d sing a song about hair to commemorate it.
the ending is sloppy, but i kinda like it.

Basement is fucking bacccccck.

can we all just take a moment and appreciate how amazing 2013 was, musically? like, there was seriously a new, great release coming out on a weekly basis, and then there were even surprise releases that were fantastic. seriously such a phenomenal year. wow. way to go 2013. way to not completely suck.

Have you ever thought about how happy a band can make you because of how sad their songs make you?

I wish people were freaking out over State Champs’ album like they are over ADTR’s. Because “The Finer Things” is phenomenal.

"Love, Sex, Death" is too fucking good. Pax Am Days is going to be amazing.

Side note: A lot of Fall Out Boy fans have no clue what they’re in for with this album. I can guaran-damn-tee that much.

tag team, back again. reconnecting this again (see what I did there ;D)

NEW COVER with Jake! featuring the fearless Nagy as director. enjoy!

since Jake & I’s latest cover keeps getting pushed back, I decided to make a new little cover of Balance And Composure’s “Stonehands” to hold you over.

Whenever I hear MakeDamnSure, the same thing happens every time: there’s the cliche rush of emotions that come with the song, but there’s something else that also happens. I am instantly taken back (no pun intended) to a mid summer’s day in 2006 when the video of the song was first released, and it’s the first summer my parents finally started let me stay home by myself. The video comes on FUSE (yes, FUSE because that’s where I got most of my music from back in the day when it was an AMAZING channel), and I remember it being the first time I had heard the song. Anyway, I remember listening to the song on repeat for literally the next 3 days and watching the “Making the Video” for the song, and just rocking out to this new-found independence of having my own music, that I discovered on my own, blaring as loud as possible. To this day, I have to listen to MakeDamnSure at least 2-3 times in a row before listening to a different song because of how much that song means to me.

To close, MakeDamnSure is, and will remain one of my favorite songs and a prime example as to why I find music so fascinating. The fact that a song of 3 and a half minutes can bring so much out of a human being. It’s simply breathtakingly beautiful, and every time I listen to MakeDamnSure, and that process continuously repeats itself, it reminds me why music will always mean so much to me.

I’m really glad I typed this out instead of trying to condense it into three 140 character or less posts on twitter.