Transit’s new live version of Young New England (the song) is so kick ass, by the way. It’s basically Skipping Stone 2.0 in the fact that they made an electric version of the song and oh does it work.

I wish people were freaking out over State Champs’ album like they are over ADTR’s. Because “The Finer Things” is phenomenal.

that new State Champs song, though….

hot damn.

tag team, back again. reconnecting this again (see what I did there ;D)

NEW COVER with Jake! featuring the fearless Nagy as director. enjoy!

since Jake & I’s latest cover keeps getting pushed back, I decided to make a new little cover of Balance And Composure’s “Stonehands” to hold you over.

Under Soil and Dirt abbreviated = USAD. When do you listen to that album? When U SAD!

here’s that 680 South cover, yo. that’s my friend Jake on the vox. we had a lot of fun making it.

9 plays Waterways in New England Transit Let It Out [EP]

Worn down like a dim lit flame we used to burn so brightly.
We’re covered under winter’s snow silenced with the landscape.

like i said, i had a backup ready to go.

covered Seahaven’s Black & White. it’s a fun one for such a sad song.

also, i’m wearing the same shirt and hat that’s in my icon….no it’s not all i wear, i swear.

had to do something to blow off energy from this Pacers win, so I made a new Transit cover!